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[Popular Product]Golden Egg Maker, easy making a golden egg-50% OFF during Easter!


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This super popular beater allows you to easily make nutritious and delicious golden eggs!

Most babies are uncomfortable with the sticky texture of egg yolks, preferring the springy, fluffy egg whites.

But according to nutrition experts’ verification that the yolk contains rich nutrients to the baby’s growth plays a key role, protein although delicious, not high nutrition content.

The operation is simple and convenient, even for your children to experience the fun of using!

This is what the golden egg looks like when it’s cooked.


1.If your eggs are fresh out of the refrigerator, please set the eggs for 1~2 minutes before using them in products.

2.The frequency of pulling the rope should not be too slow, because the principle of the product is to use inertia to recover the rope. If the rope cannot be recovered, you can pull the inner shell clockwise through the outside window to recover the rope. (It’s like yo-yo)

3.Please put the egg into the inner shell vertically, and be careful not to crush the egg when fixing it. But as long as the egg is fixed, it will not crack.

4.Due to the destruction of the cell structure of the egg protein after processing, the inside of the egg is more fragile than that of the unprocessed egg when cooking, so it is not suitable to use large fire. It is recommended to cook the egg for about 10 minutes with a small fire.

5.It usually takes 25 to 40 times to pull the string to turn the egg into a golden egg. To confirm whether the egg is mixed, you can place the egg on the flash of the mobile phone. If the light is not transparent, it means the egg is mixed.

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